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7/22/2014   --   5:53 PM
Tehran cinema complex offers free admission to promote movie going

Culture - The Azadi Cinema Complex in Tehran announced on Tuesday that henceforth, its theaters will offer free admission every day for the first screening.

7/22/2014   --   5:51 PM
Iranian artists gathering to say “Gaza Is Not Alone”

Culture - Iranian artists will come together this evening at the Art Bureau in Tehran for a meeting entitled “Gaza Is Not Alone” to express their solidarity with the people of Gaza, which have been a prime target for Israeli airstrikes over the past weeks.

7/20/2014   --   8:16 AM
Veteran illustrator Manouchehr Darafsheh dies

Culture - Veteran illustrator of visual arts and Iran's school books Manouchehr Darafsheh has passed away at the age of 74.

7/17/2014   --   3:20 PM
Iranian short film to compete at Lucania Film Festival

Culture - Iranian short film ‘It Hits Upon the Roof’, directed by Teymour Qaderi, has been selected to compete at the 2014 Lucania Film Festival in Italy.

7/17/2014   --   3:16 PM
Artists displaying works at own house

Culture - Renowned Iranian artists are displaying their works in an exhibition titled ‘Art Ceremony’ at Tehran’s Artists House.

7/16/2014   --   1:43 PM
Book introduces Molana to world

Culture - The book ˈBang-e Aabˈ (Sound of Water), centered on the renowned Persian poet and mystic Molana Jalaleddin Rumi, has been released by Roshd Amouzesh Publications.

7/7/2014   --   5:03 PM
Qurˈan exhibit int’l section opens

Culture - The international section of the Holy Qurˈan Exhibition opened Saturday evening with the participation of over 30 artists and researchers from 16 nations.

7/2/2014   --   7:05 PM
Latest Aqili album in market

Culture - Iranian vocalist Salar Aqili has released his latest album titled ˈHomelandˈ.

7/1/2014   --   9:58 AM
Iranian actor Baqer Sahrarudi dies at 73

Culture - Iranian actor Baqer Sahrarudi, famous for his peculiar style of performances, died on Sunday. He was 73.

6/29/2014   --   7:55 PM
Ardeshir Kamkar to hold concert

Culture - Veteran musician Ardeshir Kamkar will perform a traditional concert at Tehranˈs Vahdat Hall.

6/24/2014   --   7:46 PM
Shajarian receives Chevalier medal

Culture - Acclaimed Iranian vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian received the prestigious French honor, the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, in Tehran on Monday afternoon.

6/23/2014   --   10:16 AM
Moscow music festival to host Iran’s Lian ensemble

Culture - Iranian music ensemble Morvarid-e-Lian, led by Mohsen Sharifian has been invited to take part in the 12th traditional international music festival in Moscow.

6/21/2014   --   3:35 PM
Iranian Artists Forum honors filmmaker Nasser Taqvaii

Culture - The Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) honored Nasser Taqvaii, a filmmaker famous for his ingenious style, during a ceremony on Thursday.

6/21/2014   --   3:32 PM
Tehran hosts first Intˈl Exhibition of World Galleries

Culture - First International Exhibition of World Galleries will be held at Evin Prison Museum during June 25-29.

5/31/2014   --   7:55 PM
Peyman Moadi selected for Shanghai filmfest jury

Culture - The celebrated Iranian actor/director/writer Peyman Moadi has been selected for the international jury of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival, announced the organizers.

5/31/2014   --   8:43 AM
Turkish cultural festival presented in Tehran

Culture - A number of Turkish artworks have been presented during a cultural exhibition held in Tehran’s Saba Art and Cultural Institute.

5/28/2014   --   7:57 PM
Asghar Faradi to head APSA jury

Culture - The Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) announced long time APSA Academy member and internationally renowned Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi as President of the International Jury for the 2014 Awards in December.

5/27/2014   --   7:26 PM
Iran Planning to Attract More Tourists

Culture - Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Massoud Soltanifar vowed to do his organization's best to pave the ground for attracting more tourists to the country's holy shrines.

5/26/2014   --   3:38 PM
160 Farsi channels on satellite not for mere fun

Culture - Iran’s former minister of culture has said launching more than 160 Persian-speaking satellite channels were not for mere fun, but Hollywood intended to promote Islamophobia and Iranophobia.

5/26/2014   --   3:35 PM
President Rouhani: Iranian Hotels Heavy Tourist Traffic

Culture - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomed the outstanding increase in the foreign tourists' visits to the country, and said many Iranian hotels have been reserved by them to the end of 2014.

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