NewsCode : 188013 | Date: 1/11/2016 | Time: 8:20 AM | Service: Politics - Politics

Iran's interior minister arrives in Syria

Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli arrived in Syria for an official two-day visit.

Rahmani Fazli was welcomed by his Syrian counterpart Major General Mohammad al-Shaar at the Damascus International Airport.

The Interior Minister’s visit to Damascus comes at the invitation of his Syrian counterpart, and aims to develop and deepen bilateral relations as well as put into effect a memorandum already signed between the two sides.

Shaar visited Tehran in June 2015 and held meetings with Rahmani Fazli and a number of other senior officials. During the visit, the Iranian and Syrian interior ministers signed an agreement on internal security cooperation including combating organized crime, terrorism and all forms of financing them.

The MoU also covered combating the production and trafficking of illicit drugs, theft of cultural and historical artifacts, forgery of documents, money laundering, human trafficking, organ trafficking, cybercrimes, and illegal immigration, in addition to cooperation in improving conditions in prisons, providing security for vital sites, protecting intellectual property, training police staff, monitoring borders, and forensics.