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10/23/2017   --   4:52 PM
Pres. Rouhani: Nobody entitled to comment on Iran military might

Politics - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that nobody has the right to comment on Iran's military power.

10/23/2017   --   4:49 PM
Iran President felicitates Hungary National Day

Politics - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a message to his Hungarian counterpart, congratulated the country's National Day.

8/16/2017   --   9:20 PM
Iran’s Rouhani urges EU’s active role in JCPOA implementation

Politics - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called on the European Union to play a more active role to help the full implementation of the country's nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), for the benefit of the Middle East and Europe.

8/15/2017   --   11:17 AM
JCPOA opens new chapter in foreign policy: Iran President

Politics - The July 2015 nuclear deal did prepare a 'new plan' for the interaction with the world, said the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, adding that the international agreement unlocked new doors to the country's foreign policy.

8/15/2017   --   11:16 AM
FM Zarif nullified US plot: Iranian president

Politics - In defense of his foreign ministry choice, President Hassan Rouhani said in Majlis on Tuesday Zarif neutralized the US conspiracy.

8/15/2017   --   11:15 AM
Rouhani: Iran govt ready for talks on lifting all sanctions

Politics - Nuclear deal with the world powers stabilized Iran's nuclear rights, said the Iranian President on Tuesday expressing Iran's readiness to 'hold talks on removal of all sanctions.'

8/8/2017   --   12:51 PM
Iran's new cabinet nominees presented to Parliament

Politics - Iran's vice president for parliamentary affairs submitted to parliament on Tuesday the list of 17 cabinet nominees for President Rouhani's second term of office.

8/8/2017   --   12:49 PM
President Rouhani congratulates national Reporter's Day

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani congratulated reporters and media people on the occasion of national Reporter's Day.

8/3/2017   --   8:21 AM
Leader endorses Iran's president-elect

Politics - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a ceremony here on Thursday endorsed the Iranian president-elect, Hassan Rouhani, who won the majority of votes on May 19 presidential elections.

7/23/2017   --   12:59 PM
Iraqi President invited to Rouhani swearing-in ceremony

Politics - Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari invited Iraqi President Fuad Masum to attend President Hassan Rouhani’s oath-taking ceremony due to be held on August 5, 2017, in Tehran.

7/23/2017   --   11:16 AM
President Rouhani congratulates Belgian National Day

Politics - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani congratulated Belgian National Day to the Belgian King, government, and the people in a message on Sunday.

7/12/2017   --   12:51 PM
Rouhani:Terrorism, some countries’ intervention fanned flames in region

Politics - President Rouhani met with the Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs of Oman and described Tehran-Muscat ties as amicable, close and brotherly, stressing that ties between the two countries should deepen in all fields of mutual interest.

7/11/2017   --   9:14 AM
Pressure of sanctions on people not government: Rouhani

Politics - Contrary to the West’s claims, the burden of sanctions was mainly shouldered by the people in Iran not the government, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said here on Tuesday.

7/1/2017   --   5:46 AM
Iran says return of peace to Middle East possible

Politics - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed liberation of Mosul and said that by continuing the ongoing approach in fighting terrorism, return of peace and stability to Middle East is quite possible.

6/23/2017   --   9:25 AM
President Rouhani joins Quds Day rallies in Tehran

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani attended the nationwide 'Quds Day' rallies in Tehran on Friday.

6/21/2017   --   9:28 AM
President: Missile attack on Deash position correct, timely, essential

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday hailed Islamic Revolution Guard Corps’ (IRGC) targeting positions of the Deash terrorists in Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria, saying that the move was correct, timely and necessary.

6/20/2017   --   8:00 PM
Rouhani: Future of Iran-Thailand ties promising

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani received Thailand's new Ambassador to Tehran Kallayana Vipattipumiprates on Tuesday, and said that the two countries' relation are in the path of progress.

6/13/2017   --   9:41 AM
President congratulates Iran’s qualifying for 2018 World Cup

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani in a message on his Tweeter account congratulated Iran's victory against Uzbekistan and its qualifying for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

6/8/2017   --   11:08 PM
Kazakh president condoles Rouhani on Tehran terrorist attacks

Politics - Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in a message to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani extended his condolences on the occasion of Wednesday’s terrorist attacks in Tehran.

6/7/2017   --   6:12 PM
President: All ill-wishers plots to be foiled

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani said that the nation would become more united and would foil all ill-wishers’ plots and conspiracies with the help of its powerful security structure.

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