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Mossad has been killing Arab nuclear scientists for decades

سایر مطالب - The Zionist regime is constantly seeking to weaken Arab countries on the scientific, technological, and intellectual levels.

Israel does this for the purpose of imposing its domination on Arab countries since it has failed, through lies over the decades, to establish itself as the strongest and most developed player in the region.

The assassination of scientists, particularly nuclear scientists, is an easy method the Zionist regime uses to prevent regional countries from acquiring nuclear expertise.

Following is a list of Arab scientists who were assassinated by the Zionist regime's intelligence agency, the Mossad:

(1) Egyptian scientist Dr. Yahya Amin al-Mushed, who was the chief of the Iraqi nuclear project;

(2) Egyptian nuclear scientist Dr. Samirah Musa, who was killed in a road accident in the United States in 1952 caused by an unidentified driver;

(3) Egyptian nuclear physicist Dr. Samir Naguib, who was assassinated in Detroit;

(4) Egyptian scientist Dr. Nabil al-Laqeeni;

(5) Palestinian nuclear scientist Nabil Ahmed Fleifel;

(6) Egyptian mathematician and physicist Ali Moustafa Mosharafa Pasha, who was a professor of applied mathematics and who contributed to the development of quantum theory as well as the theory of relativity and corresponded with Albert Einstein;

(7) Egyptian scientist Dr. Gamel Hamdan, who was killed by the Mossad and whose books and publications have all disappeared;

(8) Dr. Salwa Habib, who was killed by the Mossad after publishing her book "The Israeli Influence in Africa" and whose murderer was never apprehended by the Egyptian police;

(9) Egyptian scientist Saeed al-Bodair, who had developed some pioneering theories in the field of microwave technology;

(10) Lebanese physicist Ramal Hassan Ramal, who was one of the 100 best physicists in the world and was dubbed the Edison of the Arabs; and

(11) Lebanese physicist Hasan Kamel al-Sabbah.



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