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Iranian VP: Enemy Plots Defused by Unity among Divine Religions

Politics - Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi underlined the importance of unity among believers of all divine religions, and said that the US is seeking to undermine unity and convergence among followers of various religions.

Rahimi said that the objective behind producing the latest anti-Islam film by the US was to sow discord among followers of major divine religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The official further condemned the insulting movie which has provoked protests by Muslims in several countries, and said that Islam attaches great importance to messengers of other divine religions too.

The film called "Innocence of Muslims", previously called Desert Warriors and Innocence of Bin Laden, is a 2012 anti-Muslim movie which insults Muslims' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The film has been financed by more than 100 Jews and produced by an American-Israeli man in the US.

The film was being promoted by a Florida pastor, Terry Jones, known for previous Quran-burning stunts that angered Muslims in various countries.
The anti-Islam film has drawn condemnation from numerous countries including Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

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