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Senior MP rejects IAEA’s concerns for Iran's N-program, demands U.S. apology

Politics - Khabar Online: Head of national security and foreign policy commission of Iran's Majlis (parliament) Ala’eddin Boroujerdi rejected serious concerns over Tehran’s nuclear program voiced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“The IAEA’s Board of Governors should stop worrying about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear activities since they have always been transparent, peaceful and within the framework of Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT),” he said.

Although the IAEA ratified a resolution on Thursday expressing its concerns over the Islamic Republic of Iran's atomic program, it maintained a peaceful resolution should be found for the dispute.

Also regarding why Iran has not permitted the IAEA access to certain nuclear facilities Boroujerdi stated that Tehran has accepted the agency's access to every facility that has been under the safeguard agreement but has refused access to sites that is not committed according to the safeguard agreement, ISNA reported.

He also continued that Tehran is ready to end the ambiguities and reach a final agreement with the 5+1 group if the group changes its viewpoints which are under influence by the U.S. policies.

Commenting on Iran's heedlessness of the resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) he said: “From the beginning we believed these resolutions are political not technical and legal in nature.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran has earlier removed the ambiguities over its nuclear program, but following the policy of putting us under pressure, the Americans began to question the program and such process is still carrying out,” the senior lawmaker added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, head of national security and foreign policy commission of Majlis condemned the act of sacrilege committed by the American film ‘Muslims innocence’ and regarded it as a follow-up to the hostile policies of the U.S. toward Islam and the Islamic Umma (nation of Islam).

“If the Americans deny such policy, they should obviously apologize all Muslims throughout the world and punish those responsible for taking such impudent sacrilegious, impudent action,” he said.

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