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Zarif: US should take ‘tough decisions’

Politics - Iran’s FM has said the US should ‘take hard decisions and face the reality, thus abandoning ‘figment of imagination.’

Mohammad Javad Zarif, who was speaking in a joint press conference with his Greek counterpart today in Tehran, welcomed the Greek foreign minsiter, who is the head of the EU.

Asked about the visit by Lakhdar Brahimi to Tehran and whether foreign minister would confirm the visit, Zarif told that the Islamic Republic of Iran always emphasized upon a political solution to Syrian crisis and “it would continue efforts focused in political solution. For the same reason, Mr. Brahimi will arrive in Tehran and we will appreciate his visit,” Zarif asserted.

Asked about the remarks by US Secretary of State, who had said that Iran should take ‘tough’ decisions in nuclear talks with Iran, Zarif told that the US officials would judge the issues according to their internal affairs, which he believed that ‘was rife with misconceptions.’

“They have been advertizing the idea that Iran seeks nuclear weapons; but I would say that Iran should take decisions to announced that it is not seeking nuclear weapons,” added Zarif, and that “ we have told the Powers that our programs would remain peaceful; but it would be never abandoned, and this they know well.”

Zarif told reporters that “I think that if the US had better avoid statements which they would be forced to reject later such as rejecting the enrichment which they made in the Geneva talks and then they admitted that Geneva included enrichment.”

Zarif said that according to religious doctrine, Iran would not seek nuclear weapons. “I think the US should take ‘tough’ decision of facing the reality and abandoning figments of imagination,” he added.

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