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Leader, President Congratulate Iranian Wrestlers' Championship in US World Cup

Sport - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani on Monday extended their felicitations to the Iranian nation, specially the athletic community, on the championship of the country's national team in the 2014 Freestyle Wrestling World Cup in the US.

Ayatollah Khamenei hailed good performance of hardworking Iranian wrestlers and trainers in the paramount competition and prayed for more victories of Iranian athletes in the international arenas.

“The victory of Iran’s national freestyle wrestling team in the 2014 Freestyle Wrestling World Cup in the US proves the athletic traits of the zealous and diligent Iranian youth in the international arena,” President Rouhani wrote in his message.

Iran's national freestyle wrestling team beat the Russian rivals in the final match and won the title of the World Cup 2014 in the US city of Los Angeles.

The Iranian athletes who had beaten all their rivals in Group A to reach the final match of the FILA World Cup won six of the final matches against renowned Russian rivals, losing only two games.

In the first match Hossein Rahimi, 57 Kg wrestler, who was the winner till the last seconds lost the game and the Russians gained their first valuable point.

Masoud Esmayeelpour in 61 Kg category made up for that bitter defeat, beating his Russian competitor with an excellent result.

Seyed Ahmad Mohammadi in 65 Kg beat his rival too in an interesting match.

In the fourth match Mostafa Hosseinkhani in 70 Kg category defeated his rival 9-0 and Iran gained its 3rd precious point.

But in the 6th match Ezzatollah Akbari in 74 Kg category lost the game 11-nil to the Russian athlete.

In 86 Kg category Ehsan Lashgari beat his rival in an interesting match.

The Iranian 97 Kg wrestler, Reza Yazdani, who was the national team's captain, managed to gain the excellent 14-2 result, ensuring Iran's championship in the FILA World Cup.

Iran's heavy weigh Komeil Qassemi, too, won the last game in an attractive and interesting match against his powerful Russian competitor.

Iran's National Freestyle Wrestling Team had beaten Armenia, Turkey, the US, and Indian wrestlers before reaching the final match.

The 2014 Freestyle Wrestling World Cup was inaugurated on Saturday.

Iran's team beat their Armenian rivals in all 8 categories in the first day of the championships.

In their second competition Iran won Turkey 7-1 in the early hours of this morning.

In the third round of the competitions a few hours ago, Iranian wrestlers also won powerfully the game 5-3 against the American team.

India was the last team which was defeated by the Iranian wrestlers 8-nil.

10 countries in two groups participated in the paramount tournament.

Iran, US, Armenia, Turkey, and India were in group 1; Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Georgia, and Japan were in group 2.

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