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Iran builds space suit for suborbital missions

Politics - A group of Iranian researchers have designed and built a laboratory space suit for suborbital missions

The suit is a combination of hi-tech systems protecting the astronaut, the English language newspaper ˈIran dailyˈ reported on Monday.


The suit is so important that the astronaut has no chance of survival without using it at the time of problems. Otherwise, he will be anesthetized and his brain will collapse in less than four minutes.


The cabinet’s environmental conditions are the same as that of the Earth in space mission. But in case there is a problem in the system supplying oxygen, adjusting pressure and moderating temperature, the astronaut needs to use the suit.


The suborbital suit adjusts body pressure, body temperature, provides oxygen and keeps the astronaut safe from fire and atmospheric pollution.


The suit includes dehumidifier clothing, pressure clothing, cooling and anti-fire systems, communication system, gloves and boots, vital sign control and alarm sensors.


According to Hamid Fazeli, president of Iranian Space Agency, Iran is managing the mission of dispatching human into space and other space missions, including design, manufacture and launch of satellites, establishment of advanced laboratories, defining student projects and managing the rings of overall acquisition and maturation of technology organized by the Iranian Space Agency.


Fazeli noted that currently, the laboratory space suit, which has been prepared, is one of the projects launched for achieving the main goal of dispatching humans into space.

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