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IME Readiness for Lodgement of Warehouse System

Economy - Iran Mercantile Exchange like other international commodity exchanges has planned for warehouse system from 2 years ago and now the infrastructure is ready for issuing of warrant in this exchange.

According to the report from IME International affairs and PR, Dr. Hossein Panahian (M.D) mentioned, operating model in lodgement of warehouse and issuing of warrants has been discussed in several sessions with the presence of market participants, brokers, special institutions on warehouse and several experts beside investigation of international experiences and its adaptation with the present realities of Iran domestic market.

Electronic warrant system platform has been coded in IME itself and informing materials are being prepared for warehouses, brokers as the main users of this system which will enjoy the possibility of warrant issuing by interaction of this trading platforms and system to warrant system.

Steel products are the priorities of standard in the cutting-edge warrant system of IME.

Panahian Added: the acceptance of warrants in the banks in order to play the role of collateral and the money policy will be replaced by fixed price policy.

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