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Defense minister: Daesh members, their supporters should be brought to justice as war criminals

Politics - Minister of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces Brigadier-General Hossein Dehqan said on Monday that the Daesh terrorist group and its supporters should brought to justice as war criminals.

Referring to the cold-blood crimes against humanity perpetrated by the group in Iraq and Syria, he said that the group has committed heinous crimes including looting, sexual harassment, destruction of houses and monuments and mass killing of innocent people.

He said that the Daesh perpetrated ruthless crimes in Syria and Iraq urging thousands of people to seek refuge in other countries.

He criticized the silence of the so-called advocates of human rights organizations against those who have put the security of the entire region at risk.

Daesh terrorist group has been created and masterminded by the US, the Zionist regime and the reactionary regimes in the region, said the minister.

The aim behind the plot is to create a secure border for the Zionist regime and weakening the resistance movement, he said.

There is no doubt that the fate of the terrorist group will be worse than former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and its supporters will pay the price, he said.

The minister called on the Iraqi ethnic and religious groups to forge unity.

Those who mastermind the terror group are against the Iraqi nationˈs dignity and independence, said the minister.

Mass presence of people in response to a call by the countryˈs religious leaders and Ulema indicate that the Iraqi nation are determined to safeguard the countryˈs territorial integrity and are against the intervention of foreigners, he said.

Iran backs a unified and developed Iraq, he said, adding that Iran supports the Iraqi territorial integrity as a priority.

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