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Qurˈan exhibit int’l section opens

Culture - The international section of the Holy Qurˈan Exhibition opened Saturday evening with the participation of over 30 artists and researchers from 16 nations.

According to Mehrdad Agahi, director of the eventˈs international section, the opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Culture and Islamic Relations Organization (ICRO) as well as envoys and foreign guests.

Tuesday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily wrote that twenty artists and ten researchers from Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey, Croatia, Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait and some other countries are participating in this yearˈs event.

Foreign artists are showcasing works in sections such as calligraphy, illumination, painting, visual arts and voluminous works.

ˈDistinguished calligraphers from Turkey, India and Pakistan have made the international section more fascinating,ˈ Agahi said.

ˈA Pakistani artist is presenting a copy of the Holy Qurˈan he inscribed on a 1.5x 1.5 meters hide with a certain geometric style.ˈ

Famous Syrian calligrapher Muhammad Salem Nwelaty was commemorated at the opening ceremony. Agahi said the artist was to attend the exhibit. However, he had a heart attack on his way to Tehran and passed away.

Agahi, who is also the director general of the ICROˈs cultural and artistic cooperation affairs, said workshops are being held by artists at the event in order to help the audience become acquainted with their artistic creations.

Referring to panel discussions on the sidelines, he said that researchers from Russia, Malaysia and Iraq, explore contemporary Qurˈanic activities, while a Pakistani scholar will hold a roundtable conference on Qurˈanic lifestyle. A Tunisian researcher will also speak about the concept of ‘Taˈvilˈ in Qurˈan—the ultimate meanings of words which may be concealed in forms of irony or metaphor.

The roundtables are held every night at 11 p.m. at the Sacred Defense Garden Museumˈs Center for International Conferences.

In order to prepare for the international section, the ICRO invited artists and researchers through call-ups issued in the past three months and sent to cultural centers of Iranian embassies in 60 states.

This is the 12th edition of the International Section of the Qurˈan Exhibition, and the ICRO has organized the event each year, with the exception of last year.


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