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Zarif Cautions West of Limited Chance for Striking Final Deal

Politics - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned that the western member states of the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) do not have a lifetime to reach a final deal with Tehran.

"In this round of the nuclear negotiations, I felt that the other side was listening to our words and thinking about them, and that the G5+1 has come to this conclusion that it doesn’t have an everlasting time and chance for an agreement with Iran," Zarif told the parliament's news website on Tuesday.

Stressing that the other side has realized that the only way to settle the nuclear issue is reaching an agreement, he said, "They witnessed that pressures have had no impact on the Iranian nation."

Asked about the key differences between Iran and the six world powers, Zarif said, "The right to enrichment, the heavy water (reactor in Arak) and the sanctions are among the differences and we will have more discussions about all of them."

Iran and the G5+1 ended over two weeks of negotiations in Vienna on Friday with no final agreement between the two sides which was due to be reached before the July 20 deadline.

During the talks, a senior member of the Iranian team of negotiators stressed that the excessive demands made by the other side are the root cause of the differences between Tehran and the world powers.

At the end of their talks on Friday, the two sides agreed to extend the negotiations till November 24 for brokering a final deal.

Zarif and EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton in a joint statement after over two weeks of talks stressed the need for more efforts and time to reach an agreement with the world powers over Tehran's nuclear program.

Zarif and Ashton who presided the negotiating sides, emphasized at the end of Iran-G5+1 negotiations that they have held different sessions in different forms and in a constructive atmosphere to reach a final comprehensive agreement.

Due to certain differences over some fundamental issues the two sides agreed to extend the Joint Plan of Action by November 24, they added.

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