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Iran seeking peace and security for region, minister

Politics - Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan said on Saturday that Iran is seeking to establish peace and tranquility in the region as a principle.

The minister made the remark while talking to reporters on the occasion of the Government Week.

He said Iran is determined to thwart all threats posed to the regional security.

Given its geographic situation and its stability in the past 35 years, he said, the Islamic Republic of Iran is of prime significance in the region and acts a role model for other countries.

He said the status Iran enjoys has made it a target for malevalent plans of the alien forces, adding that presence of alien forces in the Persian Gulf serves the same purpose.

Stressing that the aliens presence in the region is the source of conflicts; the minister said there will be no equilibrium in terms of security and power balance in the region as long as aliens have military presence in the region.

He said that Iran has always made it clear to regional governments that it has no greed for their resources and is not seeking troubles in joint borders or in a particular country.

The Brigadier-General further hoped regional countries would orchestrate their policies with Iranˈs sustainable plans in a bid to attain development which is their common goal.

Commenting on emergence of Daesh in Iraq, the Iranian defense minister said the terrorist group is nothing but an exhibition of the Zionist regime plots to create strife in the region to turn it into a place for clash among civilizations and within the Islamic Ummah.

The supporters of the Zionist regime and the terrorist groups which commit crimes against humanity are gradually realizing the truth of Iranˈs belief that the phenomenon of terrorism is so dangerous for the entire international community, Dehghan added.


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