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President: Govˈt works to give hope to the people, win public trust

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that government has concentrated all its efforts to give hope to the people and win the public trust.

The president made the remarks in a meeting with the Supreme Leader in presence of the cabinet members to mark the ˈGovernment Weekˈ observed in Iran every year to honor memory of martyr president Mohammad Ali Rajaee and martyr prime minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar.

President Rouhani presented a report to the Supreme Leader about the one-year performance of the government.

The president singled out changes in certain economic indices and said that the government since taking office focused on curbing the spiralling inflation and based on the promise given to the nation, inflation has been lowered to less than 35 percent at the end of 2013 and it will be less than 20 percent by the year-end.

ˈI hope at the end of the 2016, the inflation will be one digit for the first time ever,ˈ the President said.

In addition to the spiralling inflation, the unprecedented recession in two consecutive years of 2012 and 2013 was another stumbling block to the government at the beginning and to get out of recession after several months, the government prepared a suitable political package and plans.

Noting that growth in production in the oil, gas, agriculture, industries and mines sectors and growing entry of foreign tourists to the country are signs of beginning of positive economic growth and vibrancy, the President said of course, to get out of recession, policies of the resistance economy which are based on reliance on domestic production and increase in the non-oil exports, are seriously taken into consideration by the government.

Referring to employment and to cut the unemployment as the other concerns of the government, President Rouhani said that the government should have taken immediate measures to raise economic vibrancy and investment.

Elsewhere the Presidentˈs report touched on government measures in the water sector and serous problems to secure agricultural and industrial water and even drinking water and thanked the Supreme Leader for supporting implementation of the master and infrastructural project.

ˈDlrs 10 billion will be invested in the sector and 12 billion cubic meters of water will be curbed in the next four years.ˈ

On electricity supply, the President said that the solution to the problem is to encourage investors and entrepreneurs to invest in the sector.

The President then outlined measures taken to increase oil and gas production to the level of 3,700,000 barrels and said, ˈWe will try to add 100 million cubic meters gas to the daily gas output next year.ˈ

Pointing to environmental hazards in such regions as Orumiyeh Lake, Hamoun Lake, Balout forests and the dust problem, the President said the issues are not yet fully solved but government is determined to follow up the cases and allay existing concerns.

On the rls 140,000 billion budget deficit as a result of subsidy payment in cash before the second phase of the targeted subsidy plan, the President said once second phase of the law is implemented in a mild steep line, the deficit will be recovered and part of the sources thus gained will be spent on the project for development of public health services.

He said controlling and fixing medicine price and lowering price for foreign made medicine and medical instruments as well as lowering public share in medicare cost at the hospitals to less than 10 percent from 35 percent and dispatch of specialists to the deprived regions are the important achievements of government in the health sector.

ˈImplementation of the public health insurance is among success of government.ˈ

The President then referred to government plan to meet food security, the Mokran coastline projects and seven provincial tours by giving acceptable commitments to the public as among other plans of government in the past one year, saying that in the political, social and cultural sectors, tranquility, solidarity, unity and national integration have increased.

The President then outlined governmentˈs foreign policy approach.

He said, ˈGovernment has taken all its political, economic and social approach in support for people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and especially people of Palestine.ˈ

He expressed hope that the region would in the future witness victory of regional nations against terrorism and criminal Zionist regime and return of peace.

He pointed to lowered-level of the wall of Iranphobia in the world public opinion, especially tyrannical sanctions against the country, and said steps have been taken in the field of falling and removal of sanctions.

On governmentˈs strategy of negotiations about the nuclear dispute with the western governments, the President said the Iranian party has shown its logic, transparency and peace seeking and ˈwe will continue talks in a way that if certain governmentsˈ adventurism prevents success of the talks, the world public opinion will direct the responsibility to the same adventurers.ˈ

The President said that the government expects assistance and support of all organs to pass the hard situation.

ˈGovernment has always considered its success indebted to blessings of God Almighty, kind attention of the Imam of the Age (May God Hasten His Reappearance), public support and guidelines of the Supreme Leader.ˈ


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