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Iran Condemns Tragic Killing of Jordanian Pilot

Politics - The Iranian foreign ministry on Wednesday strongly condemned the tragic killing of Moath al-Kasasbeh, a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIL in December, and underlined the necessity for strong combat against the terrorist group.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham deplored the "inhumane killing of the captive Jordanian pilot by the Terrorist Takfiri groups" as a clear violation of Islamic teachings, and extended her condolences to Kasasbeh's family and the Jordanian people and government.

She also reminded that all influential parties and elements that contribute to the strengthening of the terrorist groups share the responsibility for this and other similar crimes, and once again laid emphasis on the necessity for avoiding selective approaches towards terrorism and the need for powerful confrontation and combat against all criminal acts of such groups.

The ISIL released a video, purportedly showing al-Kasasbeh being burned alive. The Jordanian government had pleaded with ISIL to release the hostage in exchange for a captured terrorist.

A member of al-Kasasbeh's family has been informed by the head of the Jordanian armed forces that he has been killed. According to national television, Jordan now believes he was executed as far back as January 3, exactly one month ago, though the government has refused to directly confirm the news to news agencies.

The video itself, which was posted on social media, but is not being shared for ethical reasons, appears to have been a carefully staged production, shot from several angles, and sound tracked with religious hymns. It shows al-Kasasbeh being led out into a square in front of a squadron of masked men, before being placed in a cage. A rope lying outside the cage is then lit up, and the hostage is engulfed in flames. The execution is in contrast with the customary beheadings, practiced by the ISIL.

Al-Kasasbeh was captured after his plane crashed over an ISIL-controlled part of Syria, following a bombing mission on December 24.

In the past few weeks, Al-Kasasbeh and two Japanese captives have been part of failed negotiations between the ISIL and Japanese and Jordanian governments.

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