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National Team of Artists Depart For Russia

Culture - Iranian artists’ national team is going to Russia to participate in the Artists Football World Cup competitions.

The Iranian artists’ national team is going to depart to Russia on 7th of khordad to compete in artist’s football world cup matches. Our artists’ team, as a champion of the last round of these matches in beautiful island of Qeshm , is teammate with Slovakia, Argentina, and Kazakhstan.
Iranian artists, with Hashemi Javad, Tanabande Mohsen,Soleimani Hossein ,Zarifian Mojtaba, Raad Khashayar, Chamani Rad Arash, Salehpour Mehdi, Enjileie Mostafa, Mohammadi Kazem, and Aghalou Mehdi, , in the first match, will battle against Slovakia.
Zarifian Mojtaba, known as kind uncle in children’s Tv program especially in two channel, as one of the players in our team, told: I have been as a member of this team for many years and attended the international matches for 3 years and is going to Mosco to attend the Russian world cup competition. our first competition will be with Slovakia and next matches with Argentina and Kazakhstan.
Zarifian added: we will attend Berlin after two months and after that will be prepared for excited matches with world’s stars. In that round of matches, Aghalou Mehdi as production assistant of the program of “ come with me” , Chamani Arash as writer of “watercolor” and second assistant of producer in “cooking contest” and production assistant of “ pocket pocket” as well as Enjileie mostafa as one of the writers of “come with me” and “ pocket pocket”will accompany the players of this team.
Aghalou Mehdi, as production assistant of children programs said: referring to team’s regular exercises, we are determined to get the worthy rank in these matches.
Enjileie Mostafa as a write of children’s program also said: Iranian artists’ national team is the defender of championship and will try to repeat this championship in Russia.

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