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US election result, sign of disappointment, distrust in Amercian society: Security official

Politics - A senior security official has commented on the result of the Nov 8 US elections, saying it indicated American society's despair and mistrust in the political structure of that country.

Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said Wednesday that the US elections result which introduced Donald Trump as the new president of that country carried a clear message of protest from the American society's majority.

He also said the result of the US elections has no effect on Iran's policies in economic and security issues.

Unlike certain regional countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran, relying on its vigilant and independent policy, has never been affected by changes happening in other governments, said Shamkhani.

The senior security official further hoped the Nov 8 US elections would prepare the ground for the American officials to review their policies which ignore the majority's interests and are based on domination over, interference in and war against other countries.

Trump collecting 289 electoral votes from 50 US states defeated his rival Hillary Clinton and was elected as the 45th American president.

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