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Iran welcomes UN resolution in line with demands of Palestinians

Politics - Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Saturday welcomed Resolution of the United Nations Security Council demanding Tel Aviv to stop construction of jewish settlements on Palestinian territories, saying that Iran backs demands of Palestinians.

'The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes any move which will guarantee materialization of the true demands of Palestinians and promotion of international status of Palestine in line with opposition against occupation of Zionist regime and its expansionist policies,' Qasemi said.

He said that evidently, policies and measures of the Zionist regime to expand settlements in Palestinian territories is in full contradiction with International Law and regulations, repeatedly emphasized by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He said that the UN Security Council resolution, despite longstanding and unconditional support of Washington for the Israeli occupying regime, especially the habit of the United States to invoke the veto right in the UN Security Council is welcomed as a sign of global community's resolve to end Zionist regime's occupation and restore rights of the Palestinian people.

'Of course, international community's experience shows that the Zionist regime has never been adhering to any international legal mandates and covenants.'

Qasemi pointed out that fortunately awareness of international community over the Zionist regime's crimes and occupying nature is growing.

'In our opinion, settlement of Palestinian issue will be possible in light of serious and firm resolve of the international community and in line with restoration of the true rights of the oppressed Palestinian people and confrontation against the expansionist and occupying policies of the Zionist regime. International community, especially the UN, are expected to take essential and effective steps after more than seven decades.'

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