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Politico: Trump angers wealthy, educated Iranian-American group

Politics - President Donald Trump by adopting an anti-Muslim policy has provoked Iranian-Americans, who form “a wealthy, highly educated group” in the US, according to the American online magazine Politico.

Politico reported on Monday that Iranian-Americans have brought a case against the US president in the court. According to the article titled “Iranian-Americans, livid over Trump visa ban, to get their day in court”, they are being heard this week.

Cyrus Mehri, a civil rights attorney who is leading the case in Washington, told Politico that he saw the event as a “flash point” for the half million population of Iranians living in the US and contributing to the country, against punishment for being Muslims.

Trump in his recent executive order, using the pretext of counter-terrorism, has halted 'temporarily' the issuance of US visas to citizens from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen that are majority Muslim countries.

Pointing to the clear background of Iranians, Politico referred to them as the very victims of extremist groups, and added, 'In fact, Iranian-supported militias have fought alongside U.S.-backed Iraqi forces to beat back the Islamic State.'

The American magazine, then, questioned the underlying logic of the executive order of Trump by quoting critics’ arguments. “Critics allege Trump’s ban on Iranian travelers is prompted less by terrorism concerns than by his administration’s hostility toward Tehran and eagerness to curry favor with Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, technically U.S. partners in the fight against terrorism, are not targeted by the proposed visa ban even though their citizens have been involved in several attacks on Americans, including on Sept. 11, 2001.”

According to Politico, “activists say the travel ban has energized the Iranian-American community. Iranian-Americans helped organize a protest that drew thousands outside the White House shortly after Trump’s first attempt at the visa ban came in late January. Advocacy groups have sought to keep up the energy even after courts halted the ban.”

The article in describing the Iranian target group added, “studies have found that Iranian-American communities are among the most successful in the United States. Iranians are prominent in fields such as medicine, business and technology, including in Silicon Valley.

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