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Qasemi: Iranophobia, outdated allegations doomed to failure

Politics - Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Wednesday that promotion of Iranophobia and outdated allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran are doomed to failure.

Qasemi called the recent allegations made by US president in the occupied territories on the US commitments to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and its supports for terrorism as repeated and whimsical.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has never tried to obtain nuclear weapon, he said.

Others might pursue other goals through such baseless allegations, Qasemi said.

International bodies for several times have underlined that Iran is committed to its pledges and they should have understood that Iranophobia and repeated outdated allegations never bear fruits, he said.

The bitter irony of the history is that these allegations were uttered in front of those ignoring international rules mainly on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and their arsenal is full of nuclear warheads in the occupied lands, he said.

Iran’s relentless and firm determination in fight against terrorism is known to all, he underlined.

In the absence of Iran’s struggle with this scourge and anti-human phenomenon, the world was the target of his horrible catastrophe and blood sucker terrorists such as Daesh could establish a government and capture territories in the region and in the world and they had no limits in the Middle East, Europe and Asia endangering security of the world people, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is proud of its sincere and decisive efforts in fight against terrorist groups and is committed to continue its relentless struggle with them, he said.


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