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Larijani: Ayatollah Sistani playing major role in Iraq victories

Politics - Majlis (Parliament) speaker Ali Larijani, in a meeting with Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), said Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani has been playing a crucial role in Mosul liberation.

In his Tuesday meeting with ISCI head Ammar Hakim, Larijani congratulated Iraqi government and people on defeating Takfiri terrorists in the city of Mosul.

Iraq plays an important role in the region and the country should not be disintegrated since it would benefit the Zionists, he said.

The terrorist group Daesh has suffered a deadly blow in Iraq and Iraqi people should be wise and pursue the way to overcome post-war crises.

Iraqi forces in an intense door-to-door fight with Daesh terrorists in the Old City of Mosul on June 29 reached al-Nuri Mosque where the terrorist group’s leader Abubaker al-Baghdadi had declared Daesh “Califate” in 2014.

The clashes between Iraqi forces and the terrorists are underway in a small part of the Old City in the western Mosul. The officials have said that in the coming days, the area would be cleared from Daesh, and the full liberation of the city would be declared after three years.

The city had been controlled by Daesh since June 10, 2014. Then, vast areas of six other Iraqi provinces, as well as some other parts of the Nineva Province, the capital of which is Mosul, fell down and Daesh reached Baghdad’s suburbs. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani’s call on Iraqis for combating terrorism and the formation of Popular Mobilization foiled the plot by the terrorists for disintegration of Iraq.

President Hassan Rouhani on June 30 sent separate congratulatory messages to Ayatollah Sistani and Iraqi President Fouad Massoum on Mosul liberation.


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