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2,800-year old skeleton found in Iran

Culture - The remains of a body, buried in ancient times, has been unearthed during construction activities in a neighborhood in Hamadan, said the supervisor of ancient excavations in the western Iranian city.

'The body remains belong to a 10-year old boy, said Mohammad Sha'bani on Saturday.

'These are the oldest body remains so far discovered in the city of Hamedan, Sha'bani added.

Another ancient body remains has also been unearthed in another section of the same construction site at the Imam Khomeini Square which is under examination by the experts, he said.

He said that no historical items were found buried with the body.

'Some items have already been unearthed in the area, including a pillar base, belonging most probably to the Seleucid Empire (312 BC to 63 BC), a mill stone, and an oil crock,' Sha'bani added.

In the paving process of the Imam Khomeini Square, and Ekbatan Street in Hamedan, two broken earthen coffins, dating back to Parthian Empire (247 BC – 224 AD) period, and some other pottery, belonging to the Median through Islamic era, have been found, as well.


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