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Extremism, spy agencies main causes of terrorism: Iran Speaker

Politics - Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that terrorism in the region is the outcome of cultural misinterpretation, extremism and supports provided by the foreign intelligence agencies.

Addressing a conference on challenges and threats of terrorism held in Islamabad on Monday, Larijani described terrorism as the calamity of the mankind.

He thanked Pakistani Speaker of National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and Chairman of Senate Mian Raza Rabbani for organizing the conference and providing the regional states an opportunity to discuss the phenomenon of terrorism.

Larijani expressed the hope that the conference would prove to be helpful in addressing the challenges of terrorism and promoting cooperation among the parliaments of the countries of the region.

'A look at the historical development of terrorism reveals that it has developed in the world because of different reasons,' Larijani said. 'But the birthplace of terrorism we are discussing here in this conference is in the region.'

Referring to the failures of the previous anti-terrorism coalitions, he said that they were only created in papers and their objectives were not to address the menace of terrorism.

Larijani said that terrorism has become a real challenge for the world, especially the Asian countries. He added that with the passage of time the terrorism has become a complex problem while the policies of the countries had remained different in dealing with the phenomenon of terrorism.

The Iranian Speaker noted that the countries of the region through close cooperation and carefully analyzing the facts can easily deal with the menace of terrorism.

Larijani said Islam is religion of peace and those misusing the name of religion for terrorist activities are doing no service to Islam. He said according to Islam killing one innocent individual is equivalent to killing mankind.

Larijani went on to say that there are different sects in Islam, like Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi`i, Shia, Sufism and there may be some differences among them, but on basic principles of Islam they are united. “There is a need to promote peaceful co-existence among different sects of Islam.”

The Iranian official was of the view that invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union, the US and NATO has spread terrorism in the country and is also the main reason for the formation of different terrorist groups inside Afghanistan.

He continued that it is a natural phenomenon that when soldiers from the occupying countries adopt a violent and inhumane behavior with the local population the people will retaliate.

Larijani noted that spy agencies are using terrorists as their tools. He said that parliaments of invading countries must stop their governments from taking such steps.

He said that due to close cooperation among Iran, Turkey, Syria, terrorists have been defeated in Syria while Daesh has been defeated in Iraq with close cooperation of Iran and Iraq.

Iran parliament speaker stressed the need to form a mechanism of close cooperation among the intelligence agencies of the countries participating in the conference.

Larijani said that after selling weapons of billions to Tomans to some regional countries, US President Donald Trump is pursuing a harsh tone towards them. He criticized Trump for his decision to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Beit-ul Moqaddas (Jerusalem).

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