Publishe Date: 4:26 PM - 2/10/2018 | Print

Spokesman dismisses Zionist regime's anti-Iran claims

Politics - The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed the Zionist regime's allegations towards Iran as regard interfering in shooting down of Israel's fighter jet in Golan Heights.


Syrian air defense forces shot down Zionist regime's F16 fighter jet on Saturday.

As an independent country, the Syrian army and government has the right to defend its territorial integrity and to stand against any foreign aggression, he said reacting to Zionist officials’ claims over their repeated aggressions on Syria and shooting one of their fighters by Syrian air defense, Bahran Qasemi said on Saturday.

The Zionist Regime would not be able to continue its aggressions and crimes by playing the blame game, he added.

The claims attributed to Iranian drone and also Iran's interference in overthrowing the Zionist jet fighter is more ridiculous than to be considered, since the Islamic Republic of Iran basically has an advisory presence in Syria at the request of its legitimate government.


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