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Zarif: US focuses on psychological war with Iran

Politics - The US has concentrated all its anti-Iran efforts on waging a psychological war on Tehran and its international trade partners, Iran's Foreign Minister said Sunday.

When the Americans get desperate, they target companies by creating a psychological climate, Mohammad-Javad Zarif said in a state TV program, referring to the threats US has used against foreign firms to discourage them from doing business with Iran.

On May 8, Washington withdrew from the landmark nuclear deal with Iran, known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Trying to tighten the noose on Iran's economy, Trump has re-imposed sanctions that had been lifted in exchange for Tehran nuclear program under the deal.

Elaborating on a wide range of topics, Foreign Minister Zarif said Iran is different from other regional states that buy security through purchasing conventional or nuclear weapons.

As for devising a mechanism in nuclear deal to make the withdrawal costly for the US, Zarif said, 'The Zionist regime is violating international law and the UN Charter, the US also violates the Charter, the Saudi Arabia is breaching the most basic human rights by the airstrikes in Yemen; does it mean that the regulations are faulty, or it means that the international pressure mechanisms are not in line with what we expect in Iran?'

All US allies in NATO [the North Atlantic Treaty Organization] have resisted its policies, and only two or three supported Washington. This is the cost that the US has to pay,' Zarif said.

Referring to the Europe’s 18-million-euro aid for Iran, he explained that it was a very small part of one of their 12-point commitments to save the nuclear deal, the part which was related to supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The sum will be spent in supporting the SMEs and is by no means the price of the deal as was interpreted by some people inside and outside Iran, Zarif said.

The foreign minister added that the US failed in achieving the goals it was pursuing since it had withdrawn from the deal on May 8.

The US officials could not really believe that they are facing a strong deal which cannot be easily broken. Since they took office, they thought they either can force Iran during the first 18 months to leave the nuclear deal or they can find an excuse to accuse Tehran of violating the deal.

Complaining the Europe's performance in supporting the deal, Zarif said, 'Nobody is happy with the US policies, but are they ready to translate their dissatisfaction into a cost and avoid a future in which a person in the White House, who is busy with his own concerns or those of his country, creates global crises to solve those problems and concerns which are not small in number?'

Commenting on Boeing and Airbus withdrawal from their agreements with Iran, the Foreign Minister said that the two companies' deals were among the US obligations, but the withdrawal is the best evidence of the US being a liar, as the American officials had claimed that they support the Iranian people.

'The Europeans have committed to a series of obligations, including Iran's right of selling oil. When the German foreign minister in an article says 'We should set stage for standing on our own feet', though the Chancellor modifies it later, it means that there is a rift between Europe and the US,' Zarif said noting that the international relations do not emerge overnight.

'It is up to us whether to move in the rift or bridge it,' Zarif said suggesting that Iran can avail itself of the differences between the Europe and the US.


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