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10/13/2018   --   8:00 PM
18000 commemorates Day of Hafiz on his tomb

Culture - Director General for Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Fars Province Mosayeb Amiri said that on Friday, October 12, marking commemoration of the renowned and great Iranian poet Hafiz, 18000 Iranians and foreign tourists visited his tomb.

10/9/2018   --   4:18 PM
Iran Releases English, Arabic Versions of Law on Free Access to Information

Culture - Hossein Entezami

9/23/2018   --   3:00 PM
New school year begins in Iran

Culture - The new Iranian school year began throughout the country Sunday morning when President Hassan Rouhani symbolically rang the bell of a school in Tehran prior to his departure to New York.

9/23/2018   --   2:58 PM
Quake jolts south-central Iran

Culture - An earthquake measuring 4.7 on Richter scale rocked Khaneh Zenyan city in Arzhan District, Shiraz.

9/2/2018   --   9:50 AM
Grammy award-winner Kalhor gets ‘Isaac Stern Human Spirit’ award

Culture - Award-winning Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor was officially presented the ‘Isaac Stern Human Spirit’ award on Saturday.

9/2/2018   --   9:49 AM
Asghar Farhadi among Toronto film festival’s guests

Culture - The two-time Academy Award winner Asghar Farhadi and the cast of his Cannes opener film, ‘Everybody Knows’, were invited to the 43rd Toronto Int’l Film Festival as guests.

9/1/2018   --   5:55 PM
2018 Asian Games: Iran ranks 3rd in water polo competitions

Culture - Iran's national water polo team defeated China on Saturday in the third place game of the 13th Asian Games to rank third in the water polo competitions.

8/28/2018   --   8:28 PM
No damage to life or property reported in Isfahan earthquake

Culture - Director General of the Crisis Management Department of Isfahan said that according to the evaluation team the earthquake in the east of Isfahan did not cause any damage to life or property.

8/12/2018   --   8:13 PM
Iranian Short film to be shown in Italian festival

Culture - Iranian short film 'Forouzan' is to compete at the Corteo e Fieno festival in Italy.

7/31/2018   --   8:57 PM
Iranian director calls for making valuable films for children, youth

Culture - Acclaimed female Iranian filmmaker stressed the significance of making valuable films for children and the youth.

7/31/2018   --   8:56 PM
Iran Film Festival to be held in Tokyo

Culture - Iranian Film Festival is slated to be held at the same time with the 90th anniversary of Iran-Japan relations in Tokyo within days.

7/28/2018   --   9:27 PM
Iran photographers shine in Danube festival

Culture - Iranian photographers received several awards in Danube festival attended by Romania, Serbia, Belarus, and Bulgaria.

6/18/2018   --   6:21 PM
Iranian drama shines at Russia's Mirror Int'l Film Festival

Culture - Iranian drama ‘No Date, No Signature’ won Best Director at Russia's 12th Mirror International Film Festival on Monday.

6/18/2018   --   6:19 PM
Iran's volleyball stands 13th after 4th week

Culture - Iranian national volleyball team came 13th after the fourth week of FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League (VNL).

5/20/2018   --   4:01 PM
Unveiling the youngest Iranian Author

Culture - during the 31th International book fair of Tehran, Seyyed Rastin Fayazi’s , a 7-year-old Iranian kid, book “Ashi ke sanjab baraye gorg pokht (what Squirrel did to the wolf)” was unveiled.

5/18/2018   --   11:11 PM
Two Iranian fishermen detained by Saudi Arabia released

Culture - Two Iranian fishermen who had been detained by the Saudi coast guards for entering Saudi territorial waters were set free on Friday, a local Iranian official said.

5/12/2018   --   8:20 PM
Iran grabs trophy 2018 AFC Women’s Futsal Championship

Culture - Iran women's national futsal team on Saturday grabbed trophy of the 2018 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women's Futsal Championship after victory over Japan national team in the final.

4/8/2018   --   7:19 PM
Lake Urmia water level increases

Culture - An Iranian official said the level of water in Lake Urmia, northwestern Iran, has increased by 39 centimeters recently.

4/2/2018   --   8:26 PM
Light quake jolts Damavand, north Iran

Culture - A 4.2-magnitude earthquake jolted Kilan city in the central district of mountainous Damavand county, located to the northeast of the capital Tehran late on Sunday.

4/2/2018   --   8:24 PM
Iranians celebrate Sizdah Bedar, spend time in nature

Culture - People across Iran on Monday celebrated Sizdah Bedar, the traditional Persian festival of nature by spending time outdoors with family members, close relatives, neighbors and friends.

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