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7/3/2014   --   3:52 PM
Supreme Leader Hails Iran's Growing Scientific Progress

Technology - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei appreciated Iranian scientists for their rapid progress and achievements, and underlined the necessity for the non-stop continuation of this trend.

6/9/2014   --   1:46 PM
Iran Breaks US, British Monopoly in Marine Industry

Technology - Managing Director of Iran Ship Building and Offshore Industries Complex Co. (ISOICO) Hamid Rezayeean Asl said Iran has managed to break the US and British companies' monopoly over modern marine industry technologies.

2/4/2014   --   12:12 AM
Iran Unveils New Satellite

Technology - Iran unveiled its new home-made satellite, Tadbir (Prudence), in an official ceremony in Tehran on Monday.

1/10/2014   --   10:33 PM
CES 2014: Galaxy S5 May Contain Eye Scanning Iris Recognition Technology

Technology - Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone may have eye scanning technology, to outdo Apple’s fingerprint sensor that was introduced with the iPhone 5s.

3/10/2013   --   11:11 PM
China Ranks US as Top Source of Cyber Attacks on Country

Technology - China's top cyber security agency said more than half of hacker attacks on the country since year's start originated from the US.

2/14/2013   --   9:12 AM
NASA confirmed Iran sending monkey into space: ISA

Technology - Head of Iran Space Agency (ISA) says NASA has confirmed Iranian success in sending an indigenous bio-capsule with a live monkey onboard into space.

2/13/2013   --   11:09 PM
Iran, Russia to cooperate in Space

Technology - Iran and Russia have agreed to enhance cooperation in the field of space science and development of satellite technologies.

10/20/2012   --   1:21 PM
Israeli Think Tank Highlights Iran's High Cyber War Capabilities

Technology - An Israeli think tank cautioned that Iran enjoys remarkable capabilities in the filed of cyberspace technology and can repel enemies' cyber attacks against its vital infrastructures.

1/9/2011   --   12:55 PM
For sale: 50,000 compromised iTunes accounts

Technology - Users of a Chinese auction site are brazenly selling access to compromised iTunes accounts that offer downloads of movies and music for pennies on the dollar.

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