A special committee of Iranian Parliament (Majlis) protested against the recent approach of Islamic Republics of Iran's Broadcasting (IRIB) in airing the open mass trials held for post-vote detainees.

Meanwhile the new prosecutor of Tehran, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi affirmed that this objection is legally correct and he will cooperate with Judicial Committee of Iranian Parliament on the issue. It seems that the official complaint made by the committee has changed the process of investigating the cases of post-election detainees and has strengthened the interaction of Parliament and Judiciary branch. Farhad Tajari, the lawmaker and a member of a special committee of Iranian Parliament speaks hopefully of new changes to be made in favor of those detainees who didn't play an important role in the post-vote unrests. Khabar conducted an interview with him as follows:

According to IRI constitution, the names of those detainees whose crimes have not been confirmed should not be disclosed, so why the IRIB began to broadcast the open trials? 

We exactly objected such an approach. It's not correct to hold a trial for a person and gather 100 other detainees there and show them on TV. All these acts are against the law and basically incorrect. But we don't want such illegal acts and mistakes to be continued. The issue at stake is the reputation of people which should be saved. 

So, can we expect that such trials are not to be aired on TV anymore? 

I recommend the officials of IRIB to cover just the sidelines of these events. For example they can interview those accused who themselves are ready to explain about their problems for whatever reason. I should stress that illegal act of revealing the names of those who have not been convicted yet will exacerbate the problems and will question even the positive aspects of hearing the cases of the detainees by the courts.

Disclosure of the names and faces of those whose charges have not been proved was only one of the problems that you raised at the session, what about your other criticisms? 

I prefer not go through the details and put them on media spotlight, but many other issues were raised at the session including the case of Kahrizak detention center and the wardens who acted illegally, also the number of those killed during post-vote unrests. 

What will you say about Kahrizak detention center? 

I don't want to speak on the issue and I hope that due to the measures taken by the judiciary officials the process will continue in a legal way. 

Do you confirm that the detainees kept at this center were among those who staged riots? 

No, not at all. Many controversies occurred over the problem. Both victorious group and defeated group tried to turn the post-election events upside down. But both of them were away from realities. In the meantime it is judiciary body which can make a right decision and investigate the events as happened. 

What about the number of those killed during unrests? Which of these figures are correct 69 or less than 30?  

None of them again and as I told you both parties are away from reality. 

Have you investigated about the exact number?

To trace the truth, we asked to be aided by Iranian police and judiciary sources. According to our information and statistics they are about 40. But in the final analysis we don't want to take a position.   

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