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21 February 2017 - 13:06

Present unity and affection among Iranian Shia and Sunni Muslims continue to contribute to high level of security in the country, says the minister of intelligence.

“Thanks to the Islamic Republic, there is unanimity and brotherhood among Iranian Shia and Sunni Muslims, and this has helped the country’s security index to stand high,” Mahmoud Alavi said at a conference on Tuesday on role of the Islamic unity in regional sustainable security, attended by Shia and Sunni high-ranking clerics.

The intelligence minister also warned against the plots by the enemy to create division among Muslims.

“The enemies are well aware that if Muslims remain to be united, they have no chance to defeat them,” Alavi said.

“That is why the enemy is looking for creating division among Muslims,” he said.

While the world security is plummeting, and there are explosions on a daily basis in regional countries, like Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan and while Europe and the United States are also experiencing insecurities, Iran remains to have a very good security index, he said.

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