Russia will veto a UN Security Council resolution drafted by US, UK, and France to impose sanctions on Syria, the Russian news agency of TASS reported on Friday.

Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov said that his country will veto the UNSC resolution against Syria that blames Damascus on alleged chemical attacks.

The US, France and Britain are pressing to put their proposed resolution to a vote early next week in order to impose sanctions on Syrian authorities accused of using chemical weapons. Syria has categorically rejected these accusations.

'I clearly defined my position to the partners, saying that given it (the draft resolution) will be submitted for voting we will veto it, and they know about it,” TASS quoted Safronkov as speaking to reporters.

The Russian envoy noted that the draft of anti-Syria resolution 'prejudges results of the investigation.' It is one-sided and 'based on insufficient evidence,” said Safronkov.
Safronkov further pointed that the investigating team is 'under great pressure' aiming to 'receive some one-sided results of the probe.”

The envoy went on to say by stressing that the investigation should be “unbiased, objective and independent,” that unfortunately due to the existing pressures, the investigation is not on the right way.

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