Lebanon’s Hezbollah has denounced the Friday terrorist attack on buses carrying Coptic Christians in southern Egypt, calling for a serious fight against terrorism.

Dozens were killed and many more left wounded after masked gunmen sprayed with bullets a bus packed with Coptic Christians, mostly children, south of Cairo on Friday.

The terrorist attack 'is a new crime added to the criminal record of a murderers' gang,' Hezbollah said in a statement.

It called for a 'strong and frank stance in the face of terrorism that takes religion as a cover.'

Such attacks violate the sanctity of the human soul that God has guaranteed and always injure the Ummah physically and spiritually, the statement by Hezbollah further said.

Hezbollah also called for a serious and sincere stand in face of terrorism which uses religion to overlay its crimes and for a decisive fight against the terrorists and their intellectual and financial supporters.

“This prevents these criminal terrorists from leading the world into an abyss,” it said.

At least 26 Coptic Christians were killed and another 25 wounded when buses they were traveling in were attacked by gunmen in central Egypt, authorities said on Friday.

Egyptian state television quoted a health ministry official as saying that a 'large number' of the victims were children.

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