As usual, just a few days back, US President Donald Trump (or as quoted by my good friend and skilled and talented author,Fereydoun Majlesi , US Managing Director!) by saying the bizarre as well as impolite words made himself again an interesting sarcastic theme for global political circles and mass media. Given his background, over the past year, such words were not unexpected. This, however, made the US and its people more and more disgraceful in the world. Particularly those American who have voted for him must be not only shameful but regretful for so doing.

First, his demeaning comments on African nations (of course definitely included African Americans) were not only an insulting to black continent nations (which can be expected only from a minor merchant! such as Trump) but indicated his racism tendencies. Certainly, the global public opinion takes this not merely of Trump's but also those of American people. By this, there is no surprise that hatred toward American increases in all over the world.
It is pretty regrettable that United States administration is quite dependent on Israel decisions and policies. This author, a few years ago bluntly indicated that:"…. The letters are drafted in Tel Aviv but signed in Washington …."Certainly I think I was quite right. Now it is the American people have to pay for the consequences of those ill policies and decisions. Since ever Donald Trump has assumed office, there are murmurs around that US economy has taken an upturn! Nobody can say it for sure; because if economy recovery indexes are indicated only by increase of arms sales, which brings about nothing but wars and terrorism, undoubtedly it is ridicules that the promotion of death trade be seen as economic growth.
Reportedly, Donald Trump has called off his trip to UK (his closest ally) .It has been announced that he was unhappy opening US$1.2 billion newly built US embassy in London because he thinks it has been too costly. That cannot actually be the only pretext for calling off this trip. Because reportedly the Queen of England would not receive him. Moreover the Mayor of London ( a Muslim) had already said that the president would not be welcomed by the Londoners. Finally Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, had said that Donald Trump would not be among the guests in his wedding. Does not all this further humiliate US and American people?

Second, as for JCPAO, even the closest US allies have believed that Trump's standing on this accord is quite meaningless and absurd originating from an unbalanced and instable approach of thinking so they do not take his position serious, (interestingly in his first annual medical checkups in Walter Reed Medical center in Florida, it has been reported that Trump is mentally and physically fit!!!!).The whole world is now unanimous that this accord will serve international peace. United Nations, IAEA, EU and nearly all countries are reaffirming the need and beneficial of the accord. But only Washington (and merely Washington) and its partners, Tel Aviv and Riyadh, albeit under the pressure of a few Zionists controlling the affairs in US opposing the accords with ridicules arguments and call it the worst instrument in US history!! And immaturely argued that Iran has violated the spirit of the accord!! It is now quite obvious that all these allegations are baseless and void of any fact. Another meaningless Trump's threat is that he would only accept only four months of extension of lifting sanctions on Iran and it will be the last one. We have not to lose sight of the fact any words he says, being right or not, should not be uprightly accepted, because he is quite unpredictable and any word or action made by Trump does not need to be a surprise. Nevertheless, all of us dealing with him should be alert and prepared to face a new unpredictable situation any moment. Lastly nowadays the diplomacy in Trump administration, if any, can be summarized in three words: Sanctions, intimidations and restrictions. Then the name of US Department of State would rather change to Department of Sanction and Intimidation!!!!

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