Minister of Defense Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Iran-Pakistan cooperation will be further expanded in the fields of defense, science and technology.

Speaking to Pakistani Minister for Defense Production Rana Tanveer Hussain in Tehran on Wednesday, Brigadier General Hatami said that both Iran and Pakistan enjoy huge capacities for scientific, defense and technological cooperation and their cooperation in the areas will be further expanded.

He made the remarks at the end of bilateral talks and in a ceremony held to sign joint cooperation statement with Pakistani minister.

Brigadier General Hatami said Iran and Pakistan are two important and influential countries as far as regional developments and Muslim world are concerned.

'Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been emphasizing expansion of relations with Muslim and neighboring countries, especially the friendly and brother country, Pakistan, on bilateral and regional scales,' he added.

Brigadier General Hatami went on to say that reciprocal visits of Iranian and Pakistani military and defense officials is of high importance and will prepare the grounds for expansion of ties in all sectors.

'Fortunately, over recent months, very good moves and consultations have taken place between armed forces of the two countries for broadening of defense and military relations,' he added.

The minister said visit of Pakistani military commanders and officials to Iran will be important in expanding defense and military cooperation and consolidate of stability and security in the region.

'Common, good and constructive dialogues and stances were observed in talks with Pakistani minister for Defense Production Rana Tanveer Hussain on regional issues, campaign against terrorism, the need for non-intervention of the trans-regional countries in regional developments and the like; we hope through collaboration and joint endeavors, armed forces of the two countries will be able to further stabilize and consolidate security in the joint border regions.'

He said in that round of talks, both sides stressed that extremism is the product of the wrong and interventionist policies of certain powers, especially the US in west of Asia. 'The best solution to get rid of the interventions is to promote cooperation on the basis of mutual respect of regional countries.'

Brigadier General Hatami added that both Iran and Pakistan enjoy high capacities in defense industries and the achievements are partly results of imposing sanctions by westerners on Iran and Pakistan. 'In the talks, we agreed on putting the exchange of expert and technical delegations on agenda to get mutual and more insight on capacities and regulate effective and durable cooperation in the defense industries.'

The minister said activation of joint defense cooperation committee of Iran and Pakistan was another topic discussed in that round of the talks. 'Today, the text of the statements, signed with the Pakistan minister for defense production, is a representation of political will of the leaders of the two countries for expansion of defense cooperation based on mutual interest.'

He wished prosperity for Pakistani nation and government and thanked the Pakistani minister and the accompanying delegation for visiting Iran.

The Pakistani minister, for his part, voiced pleasure with talks with Brigadier General Hatami, and said Pakistan while enjoying religious and cultural commonalties and common borders with the Islamic Republic of Iran is deeply interested in expansion of cooperation in the defense and military sectors with Iran.

Referring to visit to the exhibition of Iranian defense ministry's defense capabilities, he said that during the visit he had understood that the two countries can cooperate in various domains.

Also referring to the statement signed with his Iranian counterpart, he said it shows Pakistan is deeply interested in expansion of defense cooperation with Iran and seeks new mechanism for formation of joint defense cooperation committee with Iran. 'In that round of talks we agreed with the Islamic Republic of Iran to sign a deal for expansion of defense, military and technical cooperation.'

He thanked Iranian defense minister for hospitality and officially invited him to pay a visit to Pakistan.


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