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18 February 2019 - 16:22
President: Iran on self-sufficiency path

Iran has started to tread the path of self-sufficiency and no one can stop the move, said President Hassan Rouhani in inauguration ceremony of the third phase of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery on Monday.

Since 2016 in less than two years, the first, second and third phases of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery were launched, said President Rouhani.

This means Iran is rushing toward self-sufficiency, he added.

He said that it is far from fairness, patriotism, love to the Revolution and ethics to ignore such big achievements.

President Rouhani added, 'There are some problems and shortcomings, but dealing with the economic war and sanctions, we faced some issues because the US and its mercenaries are trying to increase pressure on Iran every day.'

'When the enemy throws a stone, they may break a piece of glass, but we shouldn’t be disconsolate for that.' 

Referring to the Iraqi invasion of Iran during the rule of Saddam, he said, 'We resisted with unity during the war; we should do the same thing and not get disappointed.'

'In the 1985, Iran's oil sales stopped totally, but through planning and strong will we started selling it again.'

Rouhani said Iran was the victorious side of the war though it had a lot of problems and the whole world helped Iraq.

But today Iran is in an economic war, he said, stressing 'We need to back each other'.

'If we fail to stand by each other,' President Rouhani said, 'we cannot resist against the plots of the enemy.'

He also said that economic war is harder than the military one. 

'In the military war everything is clear, but that’s not the case in the economic war.'

Iranian president went on to refer to efforts by US President Donald Trump's administration to ally with Washington all the other 14 members of the United Nations Security Council to issue a resolution against Iran. 

'But at the end, all the 14 other UNSC members spoke against the United States and Trump who was also present at the UNSC session was isolated, Rouhani said. 

He also said, “Americans claim that their sanctions are not targeting the Iranian people, but they are working towards undermining the people's health and livelihood.'

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