Leader stresses Iran's strength 40 years after revolution

Iran has successfully foiled the plots and has become stronger in the past 40 years, but the enemy has weakened, said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a meeting with a number of religious eulogists (Maddahan) on Tuesday.

'Today's marshaling of forces of good and evil is like that of the Prophets' and Imams' time: at that time, the evil had more men, equipment and propaganda tools but was defeated,' said Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

'The same destiny is awaiting the front fighting the Islamic Revolution; we shouldn’t be afraid of the enemy and miscalculate.' 

He added that everyone should help to form a faithful, healthy and secure society, which enjoys welfare, international glory and spiritual delight.

Regarding social issues, Iran's Supreme Leader said that family has divine roots, but the enemies of humanity, i.e. the international capitalism and Zionism, are trying to uproot it. So, everyone should attempt to safeguard the pillars of family.

Late and difficult marriages, few children and the white marriage, which is actually the blackest one, alongside attempts to annihilate decency and chastity are the things that endanger the foundations of family, he said.

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