Cultural diplomacy, a mean to overcome sanctions, takfiri ideas: Culture Min.

Cultural diplomacy and reading books can break the walls of mistrust, takfir and sanctions, said Minister of Culture Abbas Salehi on Tuesday.

'A book is an extraordinary humane phenomenon, which resembles man. Like man, it has different layers and functions; books that are man-made have functions like production of science and development of language,' Salehi said in the opening ceremony of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair. 

The languages of nations were developed by books; he said, noting that Farsi couldn’t have reached the current point, without works of Bayhaqi, Firdowsi, Saadi and Rumi, Salehi said. 

Referring to the role of books in economy and industry, he said that the Supreme Leader of Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei named this year as 'Boosting Production' and this should not be ignored in publications. 

He also said that one book can have big effects; for example, Cathédrale Notre-Dame was an old building no one paid attention to, but after Victor Hugo wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it became the center of attention, was reconstructed in 25 years and become a tourist attraction. 

He also said that public diplomacy is more effective than the official one and books are as its ambassadors and embassies. 

Ill-wishers now try to tighten the belt of sanctions around Iran, but books and thoughts can loosen it, he added. 

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