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25 April 2019 - 12:00
Zarif: Iran to continue selling its oil

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned the US not to threaten Iranians by exerting pressures, saying Iran will continue selling its oil.

“Well we said very clearly that we will continue to sell our oil and we will continue to survive and our people will show to the United States that they cannot deal with Iran through pressure,” Zarif told reporters in New York answering a question regarding recent US act to end waivers to Iran oil exports.

He added “what is important for the international community is to determine for itself whether they want to accept a permanent member of the Security Council telling the international community that they have to violate the resolution of the Security Council otherwise they will be punished because of observing the law.”

“People are threatened openly that they will be punished for observing the rules of law,” he reiterated.

He went to say “this is something that the international community needs to react and we will make our decision based on the reaction of the international community.”

“We have abandoned irrationality coming to this administration at least so we will see how the international community deals with this irrationality,” Zarif noted.

Elaborating on his participation in the United Nations General Assembly annual Conference on 'Remarking and Promoting International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace', he said “I think the international community these days what requires more is to push more multilateralism to try to defeat the rising unilateralism, particularly exercised by the United States so I had to make that point to the General Assembly.”

“I also used this opportunity to meet with both the secretary general and the president of the General Assembly as well as with various think tanks here in New York to discuss exactly the need for multilateralism and avoiding the rule of jungle that some people in Washington want to push,” he added.

“We see many examples of unilateral, unlawful policies that are being pursued by the United States and it is important for the international community not for the sake of Iran not for the sake of our region but for the sake of global order to confront,” Zarif said while he had earlier presented a list of US unilateral acts addressing the event.

He stressed “the United States does not like many international conventions and agreements that are in place right now let see for people for instance in the Arab World the Resolution 2231 is the resolution of the Security Council.”

“The resolution rejecting the annexation of the Golan [Heights] or the annexation of Quds are also resolutions of the Security Council,” he noted by raising some examples of the US hostile choices.

In response another question as regard next round of US presidential elections, Zarif said “It is none of my business that is for the American people to decide but I wish rationality to go back to the White House.”

According to the UN official website, 'the International Day was officially approved on December 12, 2018 through resolution A/RES/73/127. 24 April of every year is designated as the day for the international observance.'

'As emphasized in the resolution, the International Day is a reaffirmation of the UN Charter and its principles of resolving disputes among countries through peaceful means. It acknowledges the use of multilateral decision-making and diplomacy in achieving peaceful resolutions to conflicts among nations,' it added.

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