President mocks US request to convene IAEA Board of Governors

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the US request to the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors to convene is "ridiculous".

"The enemies are seeking to make the region insecure, and therefore, they violated our country's air space, who received a strong response," Rouhani said at his cabinet meeting.

They also illegally seized the supertanker carrying Iranian oil in the territorial waters of Spain, the president said referring to the supertanker that was seized by UK Navy in Gibraltar last week.

They are the occupiers in the region, as the waters belong to Spain, Rouhani said

He also warned the UK for being "the initiator of insecurity" that "will see the consequences."

"It might be that UK has implemented the order of the US, or in other words the so-called 'B-Team'," Rouhani said reaffirming that the UK committed piracy in total disregard of the International Law of the Sea.

The president then went on to describe the US call on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to hold an emergency meeting as a "ridiculous and odd", and "playing the hard game".

They do not say why Iran should not enrich uranium and only say it is wrong or Iranians' goal of enrichment is wrong, but they cannot justify their own enrichment if it is wrong, he said.

"While the US is the only country in the world that has enriched the uranium and used the nuclear weapons and now the Americans are advising others and pretending to be peace-loving people," President Rouhani reminded.

"Is the enrichment that has led to producing fuel for a nuclear power reactor or meeting people's need in terms of desalination or electricity supply, medical use and manufacturing nuclear medicine and thousands of other peaceful uses related to science and technology that are helpful to both Iran and others," he said.

Referring to the European countries that have expressed concerns over Iran's reduction of commitments, the Iranian President said, "You should be worried about the US that has breached the entire deal and undermined all international pacts."

Iran's performance has been in line with the nuclear deal and it has never been violated its context, he said.

All steps Iran has taken are correct and based on legal foundation, the president emphasized.

The Iranian president also referred to claims by Israeli officials on forcing the US President Donald Trump to remove from the deal, saying that "When the arch enemies of the Muslims in the region, the Zionists, are concerned, it means that the nuclear deal is a powerful one and one of the achievements of Iran's diplomacy in the political history of the country."

Arguing that negotiation while occupation is meaningless, the president said, "The US talks on negotiation is deceitful, false and incorrect, as if Washington believes that the way out of the current stalemate is negotiation, it should stop sanctions and return to fulfill its obligations."

Describing the trade affairs in Iranian ports as satisfactory, Rouhani said, "Iran's trade exchange in the spring this year was positive because the exports surpassed the imports."

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