Iran urges peaceful solution by regional people for Syria crisis

Iran says the situation in Syria should be resolved through political solutions and by the reigon's people themselves as Iranian, Turkish and Russian presidents meet to discuss the ongoing war in the Arab country. 

"Nearly nine years have passed since the crisis in Syria and based on the experience, we still believe that regime change theory has failed. The crisis in Syria and other crises in the region must be resolved through peaceful means and by the region's people themselves," said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the fifth meeting of presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia, the three countries that guarantee the peace process in Syria.  

He called for maintaining Syria's territorial integrity, respecting national sovereignty, independence as well as no foreign interference in the country's internal affairs. 

"The most important items on our agenda is trilateral efforts to end the crisis in Syria peacefully, combating terrorism, helping create Constitution Committee, return of the dispalced, exchange of the detained and kidnapped, improving humanitarian assistance, reconstruction and evaluation of internatioanl efforts," he added during the summit in Ankara on Monday night. 

The Iranian president mentioned that the only solution to the situation in Syria is political through "constructive engagement" of all Syrians. 

He noted that Iran has been trying to facilitate dialogue between the government and the opposition. 

Rouhani stressed that war against the Daesh (the ISIS), Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups must continue until "they are eliminated completely", saying that civilians shouldn't be harmed during this process. 

"We have to find a proper solution to salvage those who have been trapped by the terrorists," Rouhani stated. 

The Iranian president mentioned that the three presidents signed a document to drive terrorists out of Idlib in the Russian city of Sochi last year. He noted that the three countries have been trying to prevent "a large-scale humanitarian disaster". 

"However, that agreement couldn't be implemented as we wished," he regretted, saying the terrorists expanded their territory. 

Rouhani stressed the importance of cooperation between Iran, Turkey and Russia in bringing peace to Syria, declaring that "foreigners will leave there sooner or later, but we as neighbors will be there".

He reiterated that Astana peace process for Syria doesn't seek to counter other processes, adding that it wants to end the disagreements based on constructive engagement of the parties. 

"Illegitimate presence of the US forces in Syria has endangered its territorial integrity and sovereignty as an independent state member of the United Nations," said Rouhani. 

He went on to criticize US President Donald Trump's announcement on withdrawal of the country's forces from Syria, saying there are no signs that he wants to take action in this regard. 

The Iranian president urged a full pullout of the US forces from Syria so that the government can expand its presence and control to the east and north of the Euphrates River.

Rouhani called for a rapid return of the displaced Syrians to their country in a bid to start the reconstruction period. 

He also praised "considerable efforts" by Iran, Turkey, Russia, the Syrian government and the UN special envoy for Syria to create a Constitution Committee. 

President Rouhani also slammed recent Israeli attacks on Syria, warning that "such provocative and illegal actions" can cause widespread tension and conflict in the region.

He also lamented that international organizations' keeping silent on the Zionist regime's aggression, stressing that "regional countries have the right to defend themselves based on the UN Charter".

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