Zarif: Deal of Century to reverse "demonization of Iran" policies

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that the US and Israel attempts to portray an evil image of Iran and depict it as "belligerent" was foiled by Iran's nuclear deal but now the Deal of the Century, too, can reverse their plans to demonize Iran.

Speaking to the academic staff of the Army Command and Staff School (DAFUS), Zarif said that the US announcement of the Deal of the Century was indeed a great opportunity for Iran.

Zarif added that according to the former ambassador of Israel in Iran who served in the country before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, when the Zionist regime started its plannings for the peace processes of Madrid and Oslo in 1991, it decided to replace Arabs with Iran in enemy schemes with the aims of working out peace with Arab states.

He said they started to implement these schemes within the past ten years in the Arab world by spending a lot on the plan.

With the US help and, unfortunately, the assistance of some Arab countries, he added, a tremendously evil wave was formed to introduce Iran as the main threat to the Arab countries in the region with the aim of persuading them to fight Iran instead of the Zionist regime.

The ultimate goal was to eventually make Arab countries to yield to their demands in an optimum way, he said.

The Iranian Foreign Minister further said that the absolutely obscene and shameful behaviors of some Arab countries only prove the fact that they are incapable of resisting the excessive demands of the Zionist regime.

It has now become crystal clear for the Arab countries that the substitution of "target of animosity" was a failed attempt as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) succeeded in destroying the false image the US and the Zionists had tried to make of Iran.

Now, he said, the Deal of the Century can reverse the "demonization of Iran" trend provided that "we act correctly".

Commenting on the current conditions in the region, Zarif referred to Saudi Arabia and said that when a country spends 67 billion dollars a year on purchase of weapons, a figure which is even bigger than Russia, it has to stand and take what a bullying person like the US President Donald Trump says when he scorns them by saying that without the US support they would have been forced to speak Persian in two weeks.

He went on to stress that 'no one can say such things about Iran because its power is rooted in its people. Iran brought down the most advanced US planes with domestically-developed systems."

The Foreign Minister also touched upon the elements behind the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 and said that now on the threshold of its 42nd anniversary, Iran can still progress relying on its real power tools, namely resistance and bravery.

Referring to a twitter message posted by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when American forces assassinated the IRGC commander Lieutenant-General Soleimani claiming that people in Iran and Iraq were dancing in the streets, he said the number of the people who took to the streets in support of Martyr Soleimani were unbelievable, even to ourselves.  

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