Zarif: General Soleimani assassination marks end of US presence in region

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Trump's terrorist move to assassinate Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani has marked end of US presence in the region.

In an interview with Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV, he added that the government which was not brave enough to fight with the commander in the battlefield assassinated him in a cowardly terrorist act.

"You should have fought with a commander in a battlefield not to act cowardly," he said.

The US conducted several acts in the region over the past weeks, revealing its nature in the best way, Zarif said.

Firstly, they are so coward that they cannot face a military leader in a battlefield and secondly it indicated to all Arab states in the region that it is mediator in the conflict between the Arabs and the Zionist regime, he said.

Noting that the US is more Zionist than the Zionist regime , he said that Trump floated a deal of century that encompasses more than that the Zionists demanded in any time.

The act Trump carried out is state terrorism, and he is currently accused of economic terrorism against the Iranian people, too, he said, noting that Trump is also accused of cultural terrorism, as he has threatened to target Iran's cultural sites.

Islamic Republic of Iran will pursue these three charges through various authorities, he said, reiterating that currently, Trump is known for these three 'big sins and three big crimes'.

There are legal restrictions on the international scene, but Iran will use every opportunity to pursue the US acts against it, he said, noting that he will hold a session with the International legal experts to discuss the issue.

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