Rouhani: Iranian revolution always relying on people for stabilization, sustainability

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the Iranian revolution as a very popular one and said that the Islamic revolution of Iran has always relied on the people for its stabilization and sustainability.

At a meeting with foreign ambassadors and heads of international organizations in Tehran on Monday evening, President Rouhani said that these days are very important memories for us. Forty-one years ago, the great people of Iran, tired of centuries of dictatorship in the country and the corruption of the rulers, were frustrated by the future of a just human society and tired of foreign interference in the affairs of the country. In this case, they responded affirmatively to the voice of a trusted leader calling for the movement and revolution and the overthrow of a rotten and corrupt regime and the establishment of a popular government, and made victor the great and glorious revolution of Iran, despite the wishes of all the great powers of that day.

The Iranian president went on to say that wherever there was a conspiracy against "our system, it was the people who came to the scene and stood against that conspiracy. The people left behind very harsh conditions of the 8-year Iraqi imposed war with presence and unity and sacrifice without any power in the world to help these people, and then at all stages, it was people's standing and unity that brought about the pride of this country and its people.

He said that today, we are facing the outrageous sanctions, a terrorist act on the part of the US against the whole Iranian nation. No one doubts that the United States is putting maximum pressure on every Iranian. That is, even one person has not been exempted from this sanction. A patient, a foodstuff needed by people, a plane spare part has not been exempted. It is quite clear that the sanctions against the whole nation are 100 percent inhumane.

Emphasizing that these sanctions are unprecedented in history, President Rouhani underlined the US official who hoped that exerting maximum pressure would bring the Iranian nation and officials to their knees is just a dream because neither our people and nor our officials would bow to the pressures.

The Americans thought that with this maximum pressure on all imports and exports, on people's lives, they would have to give up or come out to the streets and show the US green light, he said.

Rouhani stated that those who are familiar with the region and who are familiar with Iran's history, civilization, and culture know that a great nation will not succumb to unjust words, bullying, and coercion.

Addressing the officials and ambassadors, President Rouhani said that the United States has been increasing its pressures on our people and our country over the past 20 months. All of our economic indicators showed that "we came out of these sanctions proudly 8 months ago. All figures show that Americans have made a hundred percent wrong decision over the past six months.

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