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1 February 2020 - 13:00
The Upcoming Virus Amid Bitter US Sanctions

Almost a month after China became infected with the Corona virus, Islamic Republic of Iran is now worried about the outbreak of this Virus in the country. 

The concern made the vice president Jahangiri summon several of the ministers specially the minister of Health and Medical Education in his office on Friday, despite of the official holiday.  The issue was discussed very seriously in the meeting where other Ministers involved. First of all, Dr. Namaki the minister of health presented a comprehensive report of the situation to the meeting and called for the mobilization of all means to counter the spread of the virus in the country.  
In the following of the meeting he was picked up as the authority to take care of the issue and disseminate relevant information. 
According to the ministry of health though still no cases of coronavirus infection has been observed in Iran so far, they have set up laboratories and positioned experts at all Iranian border entry points where there is a possibility of the virus getting in or out. He also stressed that the country’s air, land and sea borders will be controlled.
Though Chinese government is making every effort to contain the killer virus, it is inevitable to prevent it to enter other countries specially, Iran which is the largest county in west Asia. 
Corona Virus is a disease which spreads fast, and its human infection rate as well as the intensity of its occurrence is very high, however Iran's capabilities in the field of health care are also significant. The only major concern is the US unilateral sanctions, which may have led to a shortage in the provision of certain crucial health items in country, including face masks, special medical clothing and disinfectants. 
Iran soon or later will face with the spread of this virus. While countering the spread of the virus is too difficult even for countries that do not face heavy sanctions, Iran should do it with the bitter reality of the inhuman sanctions. The continuation of these sanctions would be very deadly for Iranian people, and the United States would be responsible for any shortages and deaths caused by the outbreak in Iran.

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