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31 January 2020 - 09:29
Does Coronavirus Speed Up Swiss Channel to Become Reality

While Iran is seriously struggling with the outbreak of Corona Virus it is very important to know on what quick and concrete steps other countries could take to assist Iran with the Covid-19. 

Though Iran has a very powerful medical system and has been very capable to control some other sort of viral diseases in the past we should not forget the Severe US sanctions will have a profound effect on Iran's ability to combat the deadly virus. 
without any doubt there are many countries which are willing to help, just as others helped with flood relief before – though even there, sanctions made things difficult and sometimes impossible. The recent establishment of the Swiss humanitarian trade channel with Iran may help facilitate this, but it only works when that the US has grants a sanctions waiver to ease transactions with Iran’s central bank otherwise it will remain as a hollow claim and a humanitarian show. 
What Iran really needs now is a pragmatist decision either by Swiss or other European countries in this ground. They should push the US to lift the sanctions targets Iran’s transactions and free the sources of money around the world. The US should prove that is sincere in helping Iranian nation in fighting with coronavirus and allow Iran to use its own money in banks around the world to buy medicine and food.
Opening the humanitarian channel through a Swiss bank is not new and had been announced before the maximum level of the coronavirus crisis, but it can speed up right now. It is a great test for Switzerland, the US and European countries to show how honest and sincere they are in delivering humanitarian aid to Iran in the most difficult circumstances.

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