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14 May 2020 - 10:55
Why beyond the healing of life on globalization?

In this news release, we are going to evaluate beyond the healing your life written by professor Amir Hemmati. all the contents embedded in this book were proven by the latest scientific techniques, wealth and success, health attraction, telepathy and most importantly fundamental awareness revealed in holy Quran.

 Besides, its scientific teachings were assessed and evaluated by different noble prize winner scientists. Some parts of the book may be divine origin, translated into article format and its awareness flourished the whole world.

“beyond the healing your life is available in www.amirhemmati.com international site in various formats, be it as a eBook, audio file for all users. This book has been downloaded more than 30,000 times included in various servers successfully.

Globalization, wealth and success attraction

Owing to the successful and user-friendly results received by the users and besides various scientific criticism performed by. In order to expand the popularity, the book translated into different multiple languages such as English, Spanish and also French.

professor Amir Hemmati speech about the book “beyond the healing your life”

based on various actions on reports and also in relation to the telepathy of minds course, professor Amir Hemmati proposed that: “I swear to the lord, till this moment, the contents of the book is considered to be one of the most powerful and fundamentals of success essence, currently optimized by the users.

ince I was the first whom get inspired by these words from the holy book, used these inspirations in my life, its blessings and virtues fulfilled my life,its really difficult to describe how powerful and impressive this book it can be, is extremely beyond the words.

by highlighting the results received by users after 21 days evoked more impressive and touching beliefs than before. Accordingly, I can call that the big miracle of my life.

Why “beyond the healing your life is on globalization?

As it mentioned in the book of “beyond the healing your life” and demonstrated by the holy book: heart is the most powerful and fastest center of information processing. Indeed, heart is even faster in thinking, receiving and also comprehension.

Recently, professor Igor Grossman (2008) discovered something weird in his studies. He revealed that individuals with higher frequencies, think better than others, show better performance and realize the happenings earlier than others. Hence, heart beating can be considered as the first system in our body be informed about what goes around in the world.

We’ve already quoted that, there a big mystery beyond people’s life. Our heart is not only the source of receiving inspirations and awareness codingfrom the universe but also can notify us about any further occurrences and information.

Bad feelings = Bad events

Good feeling = Good events

Since feelings never lie, by listening to our feelings, we can achieve success.

We are able to interact on particles in the cosmos. Similarly, we are considered as the most powerful information stream on the universe. As Professor Amir Hemmati mentions in the book of “beyond the healing your life”.

The latest scientists have shown that, particles can interact on each other from billion kilometers away. According to the quantum entanglement phenomenon, particles can interact on each other, even if they are a galaxy far away.

In brief, this phenomenon remains constant in a way that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even if the particles are separated by the large distance.

In fact, from Einstein view point,Such phenomenon considered to be controversial. Einstein struggled with the quantum hypothesis and spontaneously due to the imparity of quantum hypothesisand speed of light, only after that theory disapproved.

The good news is that the book Beyond Healing Life was introduced as the best-selling book in Iran for two years.  To buy the English version of this book in Amazon, refer to the following site


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