Iran says world stand by American people & heard their voice of oppression

Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced here on Monday that world has stood by the American people and heard their voice of oppression.

Abbas Mousavi made the remarks at his weekly press briefing.

The US regime is following aggression and bullying simultaneously in and outside the United States, Mousavi said.

The spokesman expressed regret over the violence the US police perpetrated while being watched by the world people.

He further said the US police crackdown against the peaceful demonstrations of the people seeking a halt to the police aggressive conducts are unlawful.

The spokesman urged the US police and administration to stop oppression and aggressive conducts against its people and let them breathe.

In recent days, American people poured into streets to protest against death of George Floyd - a black man who was unarmed and died in hands of the police putting pressure on his throat until he choked.

"To the American people: The world has got heard your outcry over the state of oppression.

"The world is standing with you.

"The American regime is pursuing violence and bullying at home and abroad.

"We're greatly regretful to see along with the people across the world the violent scenes the US police has recently unfolded.

"We deeply regret to see the American people, who peacefully seek respect and no more violence, are suppressed indiscriminately and met with utmost violence."

Addressing the American officials and police, the spokesman said: "Stop violence against your people and let them breathe."

Elsewhere, the spokesman reacted to remarks made by the US national security adviser Robert O'Brien about Iran's role in the recent unrest in the United States, saying that this is the United States which interferes in other nations' internal affairs.

Such remarks made by a member of administration of the US President Donald Trump was not surprising as Trump has been unsuccessful in managing his country and fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, Mousavi said, noting that Trump's legacy is an administration which only follows racial discrimination policy.

Referring to demonstration after the death of the black man in the US, the spokesman said what happened in that country was conclusion of years of suppression of the [American] people and foreign nationals.

In such a situation, the American officials have no way but playing blame game [over their own mistakes], Mousavi noted.

The spokesman further rejected any interference by Iran in internal affairs of America; meanwhile, he said Tehran is concerned about the situation in that country because the US, the so-called advocate of the human rights is taking brutal behavior towards its citizens, the black ones in particular.

Turning to the issue of arrival of Iranian oil tankers in Venezuelan port to help the friendly nation meet fuel shortage after the US sanctions against Caracas, the spokesman saidthat  Iran defends its rights even in far-away lands and overseas.

Mousavi said Iran sees such arrival as a move in line with legitimate trade.

Both Tehran and Caracas have the right to enjoy free trade, but the US which has used to follow unilateralism cannot accept it, he added.

He further described the US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela as unfair and unlawful imposed unilaterally.

About US bans on Iran's nuclear cooperation, the official said Tehran is reviewing technical impacts of such sanctions.

He went on to say that Iran strongly continues [peaceful] nuclear program.

If sanctions affect Iran's peaceful nuclear program, the country will show serious reaction.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman talked of Judiciary's move to give new consular services disregard to any orientations or interests, saying that such a move is in line with respecting the Iranians as the issue of granting Iranian nationality to children of Iranian mothers who married non-Iranian fathers [who are mostly Afghans] is finalized.

Iran attaches great importance to its relations with neighboring country of Afghanistan, the spokesman stressed.

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