Pres. Rouhani warns against allowing Zionist regime into region

President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday condemned the establishment of ties with the Zionist regime and warned the United Arab Emirates (UAE) not to allow the regime into the region because "Israel's behavior is far from the international norms."

President Rouhani made the remarks in reaction to establishment of ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

He said that it is mistake that the rulers of a Muslim country with religious good people to think that if they attach themselves to the US and the Zionist regime, they will be provided with security and their economy will flourish.

Condemning the decision made by the UAE, President Rouhani said the move is a betrayal to the Palestinian cause.

The US and the Zionists made the decisions about the Holy Quds (referring to the Deal of the Century) and some countries moved their embassies to the Holy Quds, in total disregard of the International Law and decisions, he said, adding that the Zionists are planning to annex more occupied lands and expand occupation of the Palestinian territories.

They made the agreement for pleasing a person to be running for president in a Western country. “Why these days and in this period?” he asked.

“If a wrong relationship has been established, why should it be announced by a third party, by the US?”

President Rouhani said that they did so because one man wants to to attract votes to become the president.

"They betrayed their own country, Muslims, and Arabs. They think they can provide security for themselves by approaching to the enemies of Islam and Iran. It is a mistake."

Iran has been standing by them. Saddam invaded Iran, the Arab leaders kept silent so that he could conquer Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE; Iran resisted and didn’t let him in, Rouhani said.

Iran did not show him a green light and was the first country to condemn Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, before the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council woke up, he said.

President Rouhani said that Iran helped Kuwaiti refugees and, years after that, the displaced people of Iraq, adding that the UAE made a big mistake and hoped that it would undo what it did. It is not in the interest of the country's  ruler and people.

He warned the UAE not to let the Zionist regime into the region, otherwise they will be treated differently.

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