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13 October 2020 - 16:02
Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Instagram Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

How To Market On Instagram?

Marketing on Instagram is now one of the most popular ways to earn money. If you are a smart social media marketer, you must pay special attention to Instagram.

In this tutorial with Virlan, we’ll teach you how to practice Instagram Marketing from A to Z. By doing this you will maximize your revenue.

Determine your content strategy

Content is the key point of your Instagram marketing strategy. If the content of your Instagram page is not relevant to your target market, you can hardly succeed on Instagram.

First, determine the type of content you want to post. Didn't quite understand what I meant? See the following categories:

Product-focused content: In general, the most common Social Media Marketing strategy on Instagram is product-focused strategy. It means that most of your photos and videos are about your products.

This is a simple way to buy and sell on this social network. Basically, you say to your followers, “Hey! Take a look at the great things we sell” and you hope they will be excited enough to buy them.

Culture-focused content: Sometimes, your product is neither exciting nor unique. Moreover, you don't own a popular brand.

You should not consider Instagram just as a money making machine. Instagram can be a great mean to do branding and create brand identity on social media. Companies like Buffer do lots of things to show the desired content to their followers.

Combination of both: You can have a balanced combination of the two methods. If you do it right, you will enjoy a nice Instagram development. Lululemon is a good example of this method. Even the posts of products show their sports culture.

User-generated content: If your brand has enough fans and loyal customers, another strategy you can try is to let content to be created by your users. This is hard work and if you are just using one advertising platform I would not recommend it.

Plan for Content Marketing

Once you figure out the content strategy, you need to have a plan. Instagram posts are no longer in chronological order. Instead, the engagement factor is important now.

Posting continuously increases the visibility of posts, which gives followers more opportunity to engage. It also makes you an up-to-date resource, encouraging people to follow your page and like your posts.

Use a tool like Buffer or Later to schedule your posts by default. This allows the content creator to take a break. Because he no longer needs to take a photo and edit it immediately before posting. This is especially important for small businesses that do not have a digital public relations manager.

The number of posts and time intervals depends on you, but always try to have a plan.

Although scheduling posts is less important due to Instagram's current algorithm, I still suggest that you post when you have the best engagement. Of course, this depends on your target market. Try to identify the times when your target market is most active on social media and, as always, continue to experiment until you get the best results.

Create and edit media

There are a lot of data and info in this category so we briefly state some of them.

Instagram is a social media platform driven by a content production strategy. Users follow what is attractive for them. That means you'll get rewarded for good and interesting posts. Best ways to generate content for Instagram:

Quality, quality, quality:

I know - not everyone can have an expensive camera or a professional lighting device. no problem! Just try to improve the quality of your images and videos with the tools you already have.

Smartphones generally have good cameras for taking attractive photos. The photos need to be focused and have good lightings. These two together make your photos look much better.

Edit for  marketing on Instagram:

Use a photo editing app like VSCO, Snapseed or Enlight to make your photos beautiful and professional. But edit very little. It should be difficult to recognize.

Take a look at your favorite pages for inspiration before applying different filters. I suggest using a set of filters for all your photos. This will help you to have a coherent theme for your marketing.

Captions for Instagram Marketing

If you want to advertise products on Instagram, make sure your captions are clear and easily understandable. Guide your followers in the process of shopping.

Hashtags for Instagram Marketing

Hashtags are very effective on Instagram because they help you to find your target market. People always look for new content in hashtags. You can choose popular hashtags, product hashtags, or personal favorite hashtags as well as local hashtags. Adding hashtags will increase user engagement.

marketing on Instagram with More Content

Instagram has taken big steps in updating. Here we briefly review them.

The first and most important Instagram update is story. Aside from the fact that this is a clear imitation of SnapChat, Instagram Story provides a great opportunity for you to connect with your target market. Instagram story makes this connection more realistic and less etiquette-based.

Using stories is great because it puts your page at the top of new user pages. Posting several stories or offering discounts can attract followers' attention.

Next Instagram update is Live. It can be very effective. Like stories, live videos are presumably displayed to your followers before all stories. Use Instagram Live to preview the launch of a new service or a new product or host a Q&A with your fans. It connects you directly to the people who interact with you on social media.

Finally, Instagram released its Carousel for all users, which means you can put all kinds of media, including video, photos and boomerangs in one post. They are suitable for sending several photos of products (for example, different colors) or even to tell a story.

Also Instagram live Record is an incredible channel for driving new followers, engagement, and even selling products.

Optimize for making money

One of the problems that many traditional business owners and marketers face is whether they can achieve real business results through social media. This is a logical concern. But there are many ways you can optimize your Instagram profile.

Let us mention a few of them:

CTA… CTAs Everywhere: If you want to turn your Instagram followers and social media traffic into real sales, you need to show people where and how they can buy your product.

Make sure your followers are redirected to the link in the bio ("See our latest products at the link below"). And add CTAs to your captions. ("Do you like it? Buy it from the link in the bio")

Use Apps to Make Money: Like2Buy and Have2Have! With these apps you can link photos to other Instagram products. This is ideal because it removes barriers that prevent your followers from becoming customers.

Can I Get Verified on Instagram?

The short answer is yes, you can be confirmed on Instagram.

Instagram introduced a publicly verified account app in August 2018 to clear the process and prevent a hidden black market for blue checks.

If Want to know how to get verified on Instagram ? Visit the virlan website.


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