Pres. Rouhani: Iran not to let anyone sabotage end of sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani outlined his government's achievements despite the "harshest economic conditions" the country faced during two terms of his tenure and derscored that his government "will not allow anyone to put off the cancellation of the sanctions.

The President made the remarks during a press conference attended by a limited number of foreign and domestic media due to COVID-19 health protocols on Monday.

He stressed that despite certain efforts to paralyze the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the document managed to stand up against the US President Donald Trump and make the United Nations resist the US administration and Trump himself three times.

There may be some flaws in the JCPOA, but relatively speaking, it is a very historical agreement in Iran's history, Rouhani said, adding that Iran achieved its rights through the JCPOA.
He went on to term the deal as "unprecedented" and said he knows “no country, in the history of the region to have negotiated with six major powers and achieved success under the imposed sanctions.”

Rouhani said that some wanted to destroy the JCPOA but Iranian officials managed to maintain it.

"One of Iran’s objectives is to achieve its goals in the field of nuclear and people's rights. The end of the imposed sanctions means that Iranians can achieve one of their rights," he added.

The Iranian President further underscored that his government "will not allow anyone to put off the cancellation of the sanctions: "Some people want to delay the process but we will not consent to it whether it be for one hour or so."
"We will stand up to them," he said, stressing that the imposed sanctions must be removed.

"This is the right of Iranian people," he reiterated.

President Rouhani further said that the United States must return to the commitments it has made before.

He said, "Iran has repeatedly made it clear that it will also abide by its full commitments if all of the participants to the agreement live up to their full commitments."

One of Iran's purposes is to achieve its goals in the field of nuclear rights which entails and people's rights, he further said, noting that lifting the imposed sanctions means "Iranians will get one of their rights."

President Rouhani also reiterated that "Economic terrorism has come to a halt. That is, the crime has stopped."

One significant objective of the government is to break the sanctions, he said, stressing that the government is extremely optimistic about its initiatives in this regard as Trump's economic war has failed and the whole world has admitted that.
With regard to the upcoming elections in Iran, Rouhani described it a great measure to happen next year (according to the Persian calendar).
He expressed the hope that Iran would witness a magnificent election with the participation of all political parties and groups along with very good competition.

The President also noted that his government took charge of affairs under conditions where the cabinet was facing the harshest ever conditions during the past century.

He explained that the country is facing a very hard time now because of the economic war waged against the nation as well as the difficult days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani underlined that one of the highest economic growth rates in Iran occurred in 2016 when the country recorded the highest boom in the world and "during these seven years Iranian government fulfilled its promises to the people in many areas." 
He referred to these promises as "moderation, constructive engagement with the global states, lifting imposed sanctions and bringing people to their own rights as well as establishing the nuclear right as a legal right for Iranians."

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, many critical projects were inaugurated and some important projects to be started in the coming months, he said.
The President noted that Iran is one of the countries that has continuously informed the Iranians on the pandemic although all global states have not been open with their people. 
Iran will begin the vaccination either through domestic or foreign production in the near future, Rouhani added. 
He voiced the hope that Iran would achieve the set goals, noting the government is determined to focus on the plan, not the trivial issues.
According to the President's deputy chief of staff for communications and information Alireza Moezzi, the press conference which was planned a while ago was postponed due to coronavirus restrictions and the need to comply with health guidelines.

President Rouhani has regularly spoken to people in various ways and in weekly programs such as the cabinet meetings and the National Coronavirus Taskforce session, he noted, a press conference with media people to answer their questions in all areas as representatives of the Iranian public opinion has always been considered an opportunity and a necessity for the president.

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